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Make a list of your priorities before you begin to shop around. What size, price and type of home do I want? Where do I want the home to be located? What features are absolutely necessary? Will I consider extra features that would be nice to have, but not essential?  Then contact us and we'll help you find what you're looking for.


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Haga una lista de sus prioridades antes de que usted comience a hacer compras alrededor. ?Qu? tama?o, precio y tipo de la casa quiero? ?D?nde quiero que la casa sea localizada? ?Qu? rasgos son absolutamente necesarios? ?Considerar? extra rasgos que ser?an agradables para tener, pero no esenciales? Entonces p?ngase en contacto con nosotros y le ayudaremos a encontrar lo que usted busca.


Health & Safety Recommendations


  1. All electrical switches, receptacles, light fixtures and appliances be in good working condition.
  2. All plumbing pipes, gate valves, supply lines, fixtures (faucets, toilets, etc.), and water heater be in good working condition without leaks.
  3. The roof must be intact and without leaks.
  4. All windows and doors be intact, functional and lockable.
  5. All gas lines, valves and appliances (stove, oven, furnace, water heater) be in good working condition, properly vented and without leaks.
  6. All walls, floors and ceilings be structurally sound.
  7. Home must be equipped with a working smoke alarm.  Each bedroom must have a smoke detector.
  8. Home be equipped with a working stove, oven, furnace and water heater.
  9. All porches and stairs be structurally sound and equipped with stable railings.
  10. Home be skirted with proper ventilation.
  11. Each water heater must have two earthquake straps, 1 1/4" wide and approximately 10" from bottom and 10" from top.
  12. Wall outlet within 6' of kitchen sink have a GFI outlet.


Is there anything I can do better to maintain my home?

Inspection reports often identify the same neglected maintenance items.  Performing some basic maintenance can help keep you home in better condition, thus reduce the chance of those conditions showing up on the inspection report. Most of these items can be accomplished with little or no cost, while the benefits of selling a well maintained home can be worth the effort and increase your return on investment.

  • Clean both rain gutters and any roof debris and trim back excessive foliage from the exterior siding.

  • Divert all water away from the house.

  • Clean or replace all furnace filters.  Remove grade or mulch from contact with siding (preferable 6-8 inches of clearance).

  • Paint all weathered exterior wood and caulk around trim, windows, doors, and all exterior wall penetrations.

  • Make sure all windows and doors are in proper operating condition: replace cracked windowpanes.

  • Replace burned out light bulbs.

  • Make sure all of the plumbing fixtures are in spotless condition (toilets, tubs, showers, sinks) and in proper wrking order (repair leaks).

  • Replace burned out light bulbs.

  • Provide clear access to crawl spaces. heating/cooling systems, water heater(s), electrical main and distributions panels.

  • And finally, if the house is vacant make sure that all utilities are turned on.  Should the water, gas or electric be off at the time of inspection the inspector will not turn them on.  Therefore, the inspection process will be incomplete, which may possibly affect the time frame in removing sales contract contingencies.


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